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Dry eye is one of the most common conditions Americans face, and a leading cause is meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

MGD affects your tear film’s oil content, an essential ingredient responsible for sealing in your tear film and keeping it from evaporating. However, we offer several techniques to alleviate dry eye symptoms and manage MGD, including LipiFlow.

Find out if LipiFlow is right for you by booking an appointment, or take a look at our Dry Eye Center to see all the different ways we can help provide comfortable healthy vision. We’re ready to see you!

What Is LipiFlow?

LipiFlow is an in-office treatment that helps alleviate dry eye symptoms caused by meibomian gland dysfunction. Your meibomian glands, located around the edges of your eyelid, are responsible for providing the oil content in your tear film, but several factors can affect oil production.

Using LipiFlow, we can gently heat your meibomian glands and loosen blockages that may have developed over time. After your session, your meibomian glands can produce the oil your tear film needs to keep it from evaporating and causing dry eye.

What to Expect From Your Session

Before we can recommend LipiFlow as a dry eye treatment, we first need to perform an eye exam to determine if it is the right treatment for you. Several different issues may cause dry eye symptoms, like age, gender, health, and medications. You can learn more about dry eye by visiting our Dry Eye Center.

LipiFlow uses a pair of activators that are comfortably attached to your outer and inner eyelids. These activators provide the heat and pressure needed to warm your meibomian glands and begin your treatment.

Before Your Session

Before your session, please do not:

  • Wear contacts for at least 4 hours
  • Use eye drops for at least 24 hours
  • Use eyelid creams or ointments for 24 hours
  • Swim in chlorine pools for 12 hours
  • Wear makeup to the appointment

During your appointment, we’ll apply a mild anesthetic to your eyes before applying the LipiFlow activators. We’ll also have you lean back in your chair and get relaxed and ask you to keep your eyes closed during treatment.

You’ll feel a heating sensation for several minutes, followed by pressure and another heating cycle. The entire treatment only takes 12 to 15 minutes.

After your appointment, we’ll examine your eyes and ask about your experience. You may not experience results immediately, but most people report having more comfortable vision after a couple of weeks.

LipiFlow works best with repeated sessions. Before you leave, we’ll book a follow-up appointment in about a month.

Is LipiFlow Right for You?

LipiFlow can help many people find comfortable, hydrated eyes, but we may not recommend this treatment if you:

  • Have had an eye injury recently
  • Have had eye surgery
  • Experience frequent eye infections
  • Have eyelid abnormalities
  • Have aqueous tear deficiency dry eye
  • Have corneal or eye surface problems

Start Your Dry Eye Treatment Today

We’re ready to help you see life with comfort and ease. If you are struggling with dry eye, please call our team today and find out if LipiFlow is the treatment for you.

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