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Optical Lens Options

ProgressiveProgressive Lenses

A progressive lens design is like a bi- or tri-focal lens in that it corrects more than one vision problem at a time. However, these lenses have no visible lines, improving the cosmetic appearance of your lenses while providing clear natural vision at all distances.

ProgressiveHigh Index Lenses

A thinner lens material, referred to as higher index lenses, can improve the comfort and cosmetic appearance of your lenses by allowing vision correction with a thinner and lighter lens.

ProgressiveUV Protection

The same UV rays which damage your skin also have a damaging effect on your eyes. Wearing lenses that block 100% UV can help preserve the health of your eyes.

ProgressiveImpact Resistant Materials

Lenses made from impact-resistant materials help protect your eyes while watching or playing sports or working outdoors.

ProgressiveAnti-reflective Treatment

Anti-reflective treatments, or A/R, provide clear, sharp vision by reducing reflections off of your lenses.

ProgressiveScratch Resistant Coatings

While many lenses have scratch resistant coating, a premium treatment can enhance durability

Second Pair Options

ProgressivePrescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses can be a good option for a second pair of glasses. Make sure they block 100% UV, because not all lenses do! Clip-on sunglasses are a less expensive alternative.


Polarized sunglasses cut down on visible glare from reflective surfaces so you can function well in bright conditions. They improve comfort while driving in bright or sunny conditions.

ProgressiveSafety Glasses

A pair of safety glasses combines impact-resistant lenses with specially designed frames to offer a high level of protection to your eyes. They are critical while working in an industrial setting.

ProgressiveComputer Glasses

Special purpose computer lenses are designed to reduce eyestrain and tiredness.

ProgressiveReading Glasses

Prescription reading glasses are preferable to inexpensive drugstore versions as these can have significant distortion. A pair of prescription lenses can be helpful for hobbies like needlepoint and sewing. Also consider progressive lenses.

ProgressiveSports Glasses

A pair of sports glasses can combine strong, durable, impact-resistant materials with flexible or protective frames, helping you concentrate on the game, not your glasses. High performance sunglasses with photochromic technology are available in sports frames.