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The American Optometric Association, the largest optometric association in America representing the 35,000 optometrist in the United States.  Great resource for all eye related topics 

The Connecticut Association of Optometrist 

All About Vision


Dry Eye Syndrome; a condition that affects upto 20% of woman and 8% of men.  Symptoms range from stinging-burning- foreign body sensation, blurry vision to pain and discomfort.  Many suffer needlessly as many treatment options are available today.

sogrens syndndrome

Glaucoma: one of the leading causes of preventable vision loss.  While glaucoma can lead to blindness it is readily treatable when detected early.  The problem is there are often no symptoms until its to late.  Early detection and treatment is the key to preventing permeate vision loss.

Macula Degeneration: a leading cause of vision loss in America today.  There are two forms of this disease dry and wet.  Macula degeneration can be linked to other cardio-vascular diseases.  Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to preventing permeate vision loss.

Neutracuticals: Omega 3s and AntiOxidents may hold the key to your health and your yought.  An over active inflamlamation has been linked to many age related disease processes.  Omega 3s may hold the keys to yought and your continued health

Diabetes: is becoming a national epidemic, it is estimated that by the year 2020 1 out of every 3 dollars spent on health care will go to treating this disease, learn more

smoking cessation:  We all know we should quit smoking these sites will offer some help in achieving your goals to be smoke free.